A Look Back to an Amazing Partnership with DC Rentals

We were thinking it was time to take a look back on all the amazing events with our Partner DC Rental! What follows are roundup of some of our favorites from DC Rental and their clients through the last couple of years! From this captivating look at their products in a complete design to a wedding that hit all the highs imagined by Favored By Yodit! Take a look through the top five Instagram posts of these immaculate events featuring Chameleon Chair Collection and our Partner DC Rental!

 We simply love seeing the components all come together so flawlessly!

  One of our all time favorites that is an eclectic blend of florals and a classical setting!

 When the Glam is this strong in a wedding you have to take a pause to enjoy every bit of it!

 A tented garden wedding is always a bold choice that pays off! Making you feel that cozy vibe!

  it’s always important why we really do this! To see the bride and groom have the wedding of their dreams!